Top Tips From A Champion

We caught up with the Rugby Predictions PRO14 champion, Hove Vipers to find out what it takes to top the global league.

In a very competitive competition, Hove Vipers finished the league just 4 points clear of their nearest rival whilst registering the second-highest number of correct results predicted. It was an MVP performance in their inaugural season.

We had the pleasure of catching up with HV in the off-season to find out what strategies and tips they employ to be a successful Rugby Predictions player.

RP: “So how long have you been a Rugby Predictions player?”

HV: “I joined in February 2018, and actually joined for the 6 Nations competition but realising there was a PRO14 comp I joined that too”

RP: “What keeps you playing the game each week?”

HV: “I love the stats, it’s a big part of the game for me, I take a statistical approach to each prediction rather than making wild guesses and it seems to work for me!”

RP: “You’ve played in 2 competitions now so you have some experience, what would be your top tip for new players, or existing players looking to improve their game?”

HV: “If in doubt, always pick the home team!”

RP: “Are there any strategies you play?”

HV: “I’ve played a lot of normal fantasy rugby leagues in the past, and always play at the last minute after I’ve seen the squads. Preparation is important. I also tend to stick my predictions in on Monday/Tuesday and then revise them on the Friday morning, so I don’t miss a prediction if I’m too busy”

RP: “Are there any competitions or changes you’d like to see on Rugby Predictions?”

HV: “World Cup comp… And another crack at the 6 Nations next year, I didn’t go so well in that one!”

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