Why Play Rugby Predictions?

We are huge fans of Fantasy Rugby, but our ambition is to bring you an exciting and addictive alternative to the status quo with our match predictor.

The beauty of predictor games is that they have something for everyone. They are perfect for serious and casual fans alike and if you don’t have as much time to analyse, plan and execute a fantasy rugby game, you can just log in, predict the results and then sit back and enjoy the games!

We offer you a match predictor with a competitive scoring system, so you are always in contention.

Here’s what our friends at FantasyRugbyGeek.com have to say about us:

What Are Rugby Predictor Games?

Rugby Predictor games are extremely simple yet surprisingly challenging game. The aim of the game is to log in each week, look at the fixtures lined up for that week and predict the outcome of the match. The more accurate your prediction is, the better you do. It is a marathon, not a sprint and over the course of the season, the most knowledgeable players always rise to the top. It’s a great way to stay focused on the season if maintaining your fantasy team is too much, and can take as little as 5 minutes each week to maintain.

Rugby Predictions is a simple and well delivered game, covering Premiership Rugby, Pro 14 and Six Nations this season as well as the Rugby World Cup in the future.” – FantasyRugbyGeek.com

Signing up is easy and the game itself involves predicting the outcome of each game as well as the winning margin. The scoring is based on how close you are to the actual winning margin, with the points scoring being as follows…

  • 10 points for predicting the correct home/away win margin
  • 4 points for predicting the correct home/away win margin within 3 points
  • 3 points for predicting the correct home/away win margin within 4-6 points
  • 2 points for predicting the correct home/away win margin within 7-10 points
  • 1 point for predicting the correct home/away winner
  • 5 points for predicting all correct home/away winners in any single round

Points are accumulated over the course of the season either in public leagues or you can also choose to join a private league to share with your mates. There are some great prizes on offer. For the armchair fan, you can win your club or Nations jersey for winning any of the main public leagues, however they are also supporting the grassroots game, so you can be given the option to swap your prize for training equipment for your club team. There are also prize draws for round winners offering branded merchandise; mugs, stickers, travel mugs. All in all, we’re big fans of Rugby Predictions, it’s a great game to dip into and their support of the grassroots game is a really positive touch.

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Want To Win Kit For Your Club?

As well as having the opportunity to win great solo prizes, did you know you can opt instead for equipment for your club?

All global league winners can substitute their winning club or test shirt for equipment for their rugby club. This package includes:

  • 5x Gilbert Zenon Trainer Balls
  • 1x Gilbert Breathable Ball Sack

Sign up today for your chance to win some awesome prizes!

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Top 5 Tips For Maximising Your Scores

No matter whether you are new to match predicting or think you’ve got it covered, don’t miss out on our top 5 tips for playing Rugby Predictions and maximising your scores!

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Home-field advantage is important in Rugby. In the English Premiership, teams win on average 65% of their home games. It’s 61% in the Pro14 and 61% in the 6 Nations. Compare this to away win percentages; 36% (Premiership), 30% (Pro14) & 37% (6 Nations).
  2. Domestic leagues are competitive, some more than others, and especially during International windows. This means lower-placed teams often upset the higher placed teams. Pay attention to the International schedule.
  3. Team selection is important – teams in safe league positions often field weaker teams during International windows and in the run-up to big games i.e. Champions Cup finals.
  4. Draws happen less than 3% of the time. They award maximum points if you guess right, but statistically it’s not worth a punt.
  5. Is a team in a slump? Form is important, so look at the last 5 games form indicator on the predict page for insight. Our social media feeds often highlight trends and previous statistics between teams, which can help you make decisions so be sure to check those out.

Sign up today for your chance to compete against friends, family, colleagues or team-mates and win some awesome prizes!

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You can now join the Premiership Rugby and PRO14 leagues ahead of the 2018/19 season!

It’s only 1 month to go until the new season starts, so make sure you are registered before 31st August for your chance to compete.

Game Features Include:

  • Our competitive scoring system keeps you in contention with others. Missing predictions won’t ruin your season!
  • Join and create your own leagues – compete against friends, colleagues and team-mates
  • Unlock badges for exceptional performance
  • Analyse your performance with personal stats
  • See round-by-round performance breakdowns
  • Win Prizes*

Our match predictor is free to play and fun for players of all ages!

Keep coming back to the blog in the following weeks to see tips, roundups and all the game news you need to keep you in contention!

*See the How to Play page for more details on prizes.

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