Top 5 Tips For Maximising Your Scores

No matter whether you are new to match predicting or think you’ve got it covered, don’t miss out on our top 5 tips for playing Rugby Predictions and maximising your scores!

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Home-field advantage is important in Rugby. In the English Premiership, teams win on average 65% of their home games. It’s 61% in the Pro14 and 61% in the 6 Nations. Compare this to away win percentages; 36% (Premiership), 30% (Pro14) & 37% (6 Nations).
  2. Domestic leagues are competitive, some more than others, and especially during International windows. This means lower-placed teams often upset the higher placed teams. Pay attention to the International schedule.
  3. Team selection is important – teams in safe league positions often field weaker teams during International windows and in the run-up to big games i.e. Champions Cup finals.
  4. Draws happen less than 3% of the time. They award maximum points if you guess right, but statistically it’s not worth a punt.
  5. Is a team in a slump? Form is important, so look at the last 5 games form indicator on the predict page for insight. Our social media feeds often highlight trends and previous statistics between teams, which can help you make decisions so be sure to check those out.

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