How To Play… Badges

As well as winning bragging rights and some awesome prizes, Rugby Predictions gives you the opportunity to unlock some cool badges. These are rewarded for exceptional performance and also for simply playing the game!

Rugby Predictions Badges

Here is a list of tips on how to unlock some of our badges:

  • Join a Private League
  • Join 2 Competitions
  • Join 3 Competitions
  • Join 4 Competitions
  • Join 5 Competitions
  • Win a Competition
  • Guess Exact Win Margin
  • Guess All Results in a Round Correctly
  • Most Points Scored in a Round
  • Top the Global League
  • Top 10 Global League
  • Miss Maximum Points by 1 Point

We are adding new badges all the time so stay tuned to your My Profile page for more. You can also submit your suggestions for a new badge!

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